The Wonderful Indonesia; Flores Island

In this article, I want to show my wonderful trip to Flores Island in Indonesia. Indonesia is an archipelago comprising approximately 13.487 island. Also Indonesia has many tribes with their own traditional cultures.

ImageFigure 1 : Map of Indonesia

Flores Island is located in east side of Indonesia, it has many exotic places that feel like on the paradise.


Figure 2 : Sunrise from Kelimutu Mountain

Flores island has the famous volcanic mountain, it called Kelimutu mountain. Kelimutu mountain is located in the Moni city, Ende district, Nusa Tenggara Timur Province, Indonesia. it has a crater lakes with varying colors. The colors depend on the activity of the lava inside Kelimutu mountain. Reddish color cause by lava activity from the volcano, this is rare phenomenon, when I climbed this mountain, I did not  found the reddish color, I was saw dark blue lake.

ImageFigure 3 : The Crater lakes


Figure 4 : Climbing the Mountain

Kelimutu lakes

Figure 5 : Kelimutu crater lakes

Rijal at Kelimutu

Figure 6 : Me at sight seeing of Kelimutu’s Lakes

Rijal Kelimutu

Figure 7 : Taking rest at the top of Kelimutu Mountain

Kelimutu mountain

Figure 8 : Kelimutu Mountain views from the Moni sub-district

this is a each of many exotic places in Flores Island, feel the tropical paradise, feel the excited challenge here, in Flores island, Indonesia.

Visit Indonesia, the wonderful country.


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